Living Heritage Treasures Awards

**NEW** – Announcing the PHT Living Heritage Treasures Awards 2015


We are all familiar with the tangible cultural heritage around us – the historical buildings, enclaves, monuments– and the need for their protection for future generations. However, the Penang Heritage Trust regards Intangible Cultural Assets encompassing skills, knowledge and techniques are equally essential and critical for the continuation of our Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Living Heritage Treasures Awards of the Penang Heritage Trust was put in place in 2005, in a move to protect skills and techniques and the people possessing them. The skills these ‘masters’ carry with them need to be acknowledged, documented, preserved, promoted and transmitted. And because these individuals are often old and often lost somewhere in the contemporary technology rush, they are usually experiencing scarcity, vulnerability and loss of significance.  Promotion and dissemination will create greater public awareness and greater appreciation of tradition & skills, of crafts & of the individuals who have persisted, maintained, promoted & developed the cultural heritage of Penang.

The award will also ensure that recording and documentation take place. Techniques, practices and skills will be archived and hopefully transmitted. Locating the Intangible Heritage within the Tourism agenda would ensure an added-value experience for the visitor, while achieving sustainability of the skill. Sustainability of our cultural heritage will be the end product.



1.       Dato Chuah Thean Teng(2005)  – Master of Batik Art /Innovator (94 years)

(passed away Nov 2008)

2.       Dato’ Lim Bian Yam(2005) Chef extraordinaire/Floral Designer & Instructor (76 years)

3.       Mohd Bahroodin Ahmad(2005) Performing arts/cultural expert, educator &

promoter (passed away  June 2008)

4.       Kok Ah Wah (2006) – Last Handmade Signboard Carver (69 years)

5.       Yeap Seong Kee (2006) – Kebaya Designer (82 years)

(passed away Feb 2008)

6.       Ooi Sew Kim (2006) – Hokkien Puppet Troupe Owner (69 years)

7.       Noo Wan@Wan Dee Aroonratana(2007) – Thai Menora Performer / Cultural

Expert / Shaman (84 years)

8.       Lee Khek Hock (2007) – Last Traditional Lantern Maker (70 years)

9.       Toh Ai Hwa (2008) – Last Teochew Puppet Troupe Owner (58 years)

10.     Mr. N.B. Samarasena (85 Years)- One of the few remaining jewel craftsmen

from Sri Lanka left in Penang.

11.     Mr. Sim Buck Teik (80 years) Penang traditional rattan and cane weaver








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