PHT 30th Anniversary Celebration presents: Late Nights with PHT

Date: 2nd July 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Venue: Penang Heritage Trust, 26 Church Street, George Town (opposite Pinang Peranakan Mansion)

Late Nights with PHT is one of our many events to celebrate 30 years of Penang Heritage Trust. Late Nights bring speakers from various backgrounds and experiences to share their stories, histories and love of Penang.

We kick off ‘Late Nights with PHT’ with our one and only Lim Gaik Siang, president of PHT, with her sharing of ‘Interpretating the George Town World Heritage Site’. In this session she will share intimate ideas and experiences in interpreting, understanding and defining George Town. Audiences will then gain in depth knowledge on the boundaries, history and  criteria on listing George Town as a World Heritage Site after the talk.

Don’t miss this opportunity and register with PHT at or call +604 264 2631 to secure your seat.

P.s: don’t forget your pillows and snacks

Late Nights with PHT GSLim



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