Penang Heritage Trust Council Members




   Lim Gaik Siang    LIM GAIK SIANG


Gaik Siang holds a top management position in an American top-500 engineering company. However, in Penang, she is better recognised as an enthusiastic promoter of cultural heritage and  Chinese culture. Her involvement in the heritage conservation scene started when she was involve in preparation for George Town World Heritage Site listing with UNESCO. Subsequently, she was appointed as conservation consultant by the Penang Teochew Association to restore and conserve the Han Jiang Ancestral Temple of Penang Teochew Association which was accredited Unesco Asia- Pacific Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2006. She was also involved in the restoration of Sun Yat Sen Penang Base and Ren Ai Tang, two iconic sites in George Town.

Aside from serving as a restoration consultant, she is also a keen speaker to various audience on various cultural and heritage topics. Her eloquence enabled her to deliver to audiences worldwide, including Shanghai Expo, and in 2011, she was appointed to deliver a speech on Sun Yat Sen to the Premier of China. She is also one of the first speakers for TEDx in Malaysia.

She was formerly the Honorary Treasurer to the Penang Heritage Trust, before appointed as the President in 2015. Aside from that, she was formerly the Chairperson of the North Malaya Teo Aun Provincial Association, current member of the Technical Review Panel of MBPP and advisors to a few organisations or museums.

Khoo Salma


Vice- President

Salma is a local historian, author, heritage advocate, publisher and coordinator of Penang Story, Lestari Heritage Network, Little Penang Street Market, Penang Sun Yat Sen base and the Phuket-Penang Peranakan Networks.

She runs a small publishing company, Areaca Books, and is custodian of the Sun Yat Sen Penang Base at 120 Armenian Street.

‘We should do everything we can to keep our heritage intact, alive and relevant for present and future generations’.

 Choong Sim Poey              DR. CHOONG SIM POEY

Immediate Past- President

   Sim Poey is a medical practitioner, ex State Assemblyman and ex-Municipal Councillor in Penang. He is also the chairman of several local non-governmental organisations.


Ben Wismen


Honorary Secretary

Ben is a post-graduate research candidate with Universiti Sains Malaysia, working on the development of a plant conservation policy in the Penang Botanic Gardens. He is also interested in conserving environmental heritage, cultural landscapes and has a particular interest in Sino-cultural and religious activities. He is also the incoming curator for the Global Shapers Community George Town, an initiative with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

He believes that youths should play a more active role in creating and developing a sustainable future to live in.


        DEREK LOO

Honorary Treasurer

 Derek is  Director of Finance Department in Eurostar Traders (Shanghai) Co., Ltd since 2008 until now. He obtained his Bachelor of Accounting from Malaya University in year 1994. He is a Chartered Accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountant since year 1997 and CPA of CPA Australia since year 2008. He has been working in Accounting and Finance profession for more than 22 years.

Loh-Lim Lin Lee


Council Member

Lin Lee is a conservator, lecturer, social psychologist, restoration consultant, historic researcher, author of dilapidation studies of historic buildings, heads several PHT projects, speaker and guide on historic conservation areas.

Clement Liang

               CLEMENT LIANG

Council Member

Clement is active in regional cultural and nature conservation NGOs, researcher on the historical minorities. Speaker and interpreter in several foreign languages. A certified guide and educator in heritage, cross-cultural and tourism subjects.


               FATIMAH HASSAN

Council Member

Fatimah  worked for 10 years with the Socio-economic and Environmental Research Institute (now known as Penang Institute) on research and projects in fields such as information technology, social, economic, education and environmental issues. Currently she is attached to the Penang Education Council managing and coordinating various education programmes, including community-based creative learning.

Trevor Sibert


Council Member

Having lived in Malacca for five years, spurred Penang boy Trevor’s interest in history, heritage and culture. He joined PHT in his early 20s as a member. Of Eurasian descent, Trevor is very interested in architecture, furniture restoration and is an antique collector. A graduate with a MBA, Trevor is attached with a multinational company in the area of supply chain, besides being a copywriter and a lecturer with a private college in Penang. He is currently the editor for the PHT newsletter, with interest in the Christian community and the Eurasian heritage of Penang.

He believes ‘We are only borrowing Penang from future generations’.

Hsiao Mei


Council Member

 Hsiao Mei obtained her PhD in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management from Adelaide, South Australia. Born and brought up in Penang, she received her early tertiary education in Universiti Sains Malaysia, majoring in communication study. Her enthusiasm and passion in exploring human past led her to pursue the field of archaeology and she is now an archaeologist affiliated to Centre for Global Archaeological Research, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Over the past eight years, she has been actively engaged in many archaeological and heritage projects and majority of her works focus on the heritage impact assessment and conservation and management of archaeological sites, nomination dossier writing, and community-driven heritage conservation and tourism program.

Himanshu Bhatt


Council Member

Himanshu is a writer and theatre practitioner who has penned articles on socio-cultural and environmental issues in Malaysia for local and international journals. Himanshu also enjoys visiting and documenting historic sites across Southeast Asia. He recently authored a coffee-table book on Little India of George Town, the enclave where he grew up, published by GTWHI.








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