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PHT Site Visit 2018: Cherok To’ Kun and Beyond – Gems of Bukit Mertajam from Ancient to Colonial Times
2018年檳城古蹟信託會 -古蹟導覽:海墘新路《文山邱公司的解碼》
PHT Site Visit 2018: Boon San Tong Khoo Kongsi
PHT Site Visit: Church of Assumption & Penang Diocesan Museum
PHT Site Visit: Fort Cornwallis
PHT Site Visit 2017: Penang House of Music
PHT Site Visit 2017: Chulia Street
PHT Site Visit: Gurney Drive – Past, Present & Future
PHT 30th Anniversary Celebrations: An Evening on Penang Hill
Penang Heritage Trust Site Visit 2016 : Kampung Siam Pulau Tikus 玻璃池滑暹罗村